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Detention Center


























Youth from many sectors, including youth from student hostels, girls working in karaoke bars, and others from urban churches relish a simple meal and the close relationships they have made with the HPTP staff.








Besides doing regular visitation to the juvenile detention center, the staff was invited to do a week-long spiritual emphasis week for minority Christians who were being released in Dec. 2006.
































































In response to the large number of ethnic youth migrating to urban areas, the HPTP staff opened a youth center in August 2001. For 5 years, the center provided tribal youth from seven different ethnic minority groups a safe place to come for advice, drug and AIDS education, and recreation.

As well, a Saturday program including cooking, computer, and English classes was held, and evening recreation times were planned (music, videos, sports, special events.) Lack of funding forced closure of the center, but the staff has worked with local minority churches to step into the gap.

Currently, the HPTP staff has a program with the juvenile detention center in Chiang Mai and also does visitation one-on-one with tribal women in karaoke bars and other venues.