We are always grateful for any assistance we receive and your offer of help is greatly appreciated. There are many ways you can help financially.




Make A Donation



1. Personal Check to Integrated Ministries for Ethnic Minorities Foundation

IMEM P.O. Box 488, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

*There is a small bank charge to the HOL to cash checks (about $5US), but this is an efficient way to make a gift.
Please include a note if you want to direct the money to a specific project.







2. Direct Debit to project savings accounts through a bank

Thailand Siam Commercial Bank Public Co. Ltd. Thapae Branch, 17 Tha Phae Road, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand SWIFT CODE: SICO TH BK TPB

Here is the account name and number specifics:


For the House of Love:

Account Name: House of Love for the Integrated Ministries for Ethnic Minorities Foundation
Account Number: 501--4-02215-9


For the HOL building fund:

Account Name: Building Project for the Integrated Ministries for Ethnic Minorities Foundation
Account Number: 501--4-02216-7


For the HPTP:

Account Name: Health Project for Tribal People for the Integrated Ministries for Ethnic Minorities Foundation
Account Number: 501--4-02217-5


For the Daycare-IMEM:

Account Name: Integrated Ministries for Ethnic Minorities Foundation
Account Number: 501--2-89909-7

Sponsor A Child


For an annual fee, you can sponsor a child at the House of Love and receive regular reports of how your money will enrich their life, with food, shelter, medical attention and education.

What is a Sponsor?
A sponsor is an individual who gives life and hope to a needy child by committing financial resources for that child. At HOL, a sponsor provides the opportunity for a stable Christian home, meaningful education, proper health care and vocational training for a specific child.

What does your sponsorship pay for? How does it work?
Each child in a sponsorship program receives the basic necessities of appropriate education, primary health care and vocational training.

The sponsorship program will last as long as the child is with HPTP and under the care of HOL or until the sponsor wishes to withdraw.

Your sponsorship can make a huge difference in the life of a child. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us or sign up with our sponsorship form.
Click here for a copy of a sponsorship form (doc or pdf ).



Building Fund


For the past 12 years, the House of Love has been renting 3 buildings in Chiang Mai. It has always been our dream to build our own premises with adequate space and facilities for the children. In January, 2007, 8 rai of land (3.2 acres) was purchased for a building site. Our target is to raise USD $200,000 to build a permanent home for these minority children affected by HIV/AIDS. If you would like to learn more about how your company or organization can help secure the children's future, please do not hesitate to contact us.